We are looking for a product manager that is strong on Tech, UX and Marketing to work on our SaaS platform, which is now ranked top HR platform in India.

The product space we are in poses engineering challenges of an ERP and yet demands a user experience of that of a consumer grade application. While accommodating myriad and varying business needs of thousands of customers, we still need to provide best user experience without complicating the product. Such holistic marriage of engineering and UX excellence is where our competitors struggle and Keka thrives. As a product manager you'd be leading this effort. We are looking for following traits in you.

A Visual thinker


This is first and foremost important trait we need in you. A visual thinker who can cut through myriad pieces of informationa and create sense in a clear and concise way. More about Visual thinking below



A keen sense of design


There are two people: Those who understand design and those who don't. While wireframing is a good start, a keen sense of visual design and aesthetics is a must. You don't have to be a great visual designer, but you should contrast between a good design and a bad design, and pick what is right for your product. You should be able to speak to a designer in terms such as contracst, visual heirarchy and whitespace.



Understanding customers, their pain points and success factors requires empathy. In your role as a Product Manager, working with various stakeholders, constantly mediating and forging compromises between different viewpoints, it is easy to lose track of customer. Empathy towards customer needs serves as your north star there. You must successfully represent the customer’s needs, who is never present during internal decision-making, but is the most essential stakeholder.

Biased towards execution


All talk and intellectuality without execution is useless if it doesn't translate into outcome. A strong bias for execution and getting things out the door, therefore is a must.

Tech Background is a Must


A Product manager from a tech background is quick in independent decision making and will feel most comfortable working with engineers. Not to mention, we are in enterprise SaaS space where platform thinking and technical integrations are very much part of the product.

Roles & Responsibilities


- Understand overall market, competitive space, determine market segmentation, positioning and more

- Understand user needs, pain points and success factors

- Create vision/strategy for the product that responds to these user and market needs.

- Convey the strategy in form of short and long term product roadmap, prioritize features based on priority and execution time.

- Create a detailed product requirement document for each of the personas

- Create wireframes ensuring optimal User experience for all th personas

- Work closely with UX Designers in ensuring a good visual and UX experience for the users

- Coordinate and support different teams all through the product life cycle - Business, engineering, design, sales, marketing and support teams.