Let’s introduce ourselves. We’ll go first.

Keka is one of the fastest-growing HR SaaS products in India and has quickly grown to a leadership position in the SME segment in just 4 years. With 3000+ happy customers who refer Keka to others, Keka is on its way to becoming the market category leader in India.

We are on a mission to provide the best employee experience platform for companies across the globe and we are looking for awesome folks to join our team. 

We’re not looking for a traditional HR Leader

We are looking for a true People Champion who has a deep personal interest in redefining the HR role in this new decade and are willing to walk this hard but purposeful path.

You would be a good fit if you:

1) Think Big. You see this as an opportunity to not just be the Experience Architect for Keka but also an enabler for SMEs.

2) Plan meticulously not just for today, but tomorrow as well. You know the devil is in the details.

3) Execute relentlessly – be self-driven, the objective is to get things done! You’re a true believer in GYShiDo.

4) Communicate effectively through word (spoken and written) and deed.

5) Navigate ambiguity effortlessly. A fast growing company in a competitive landscape sees several things changing. Being the navigator in a vital role is reaching the destination with the best journey possible.

6) Understand business imperatives and yearn to be at the strategy table to help drive Product, Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success

7) Manage teams effectively so that they choose to work with you through thick and thin.

8) Have always felt HR should do more than just compliance paperwork, events and presentations.

We’ve come this far but need help getting further

Apart from ensuring the standard hygiene HR practices are in place, we need our People Champion to help us:

  • Become an awesome place to work, cherished by all employees, with an inexhaustible lineup of talent (fresh and lateral) who want to work with us.
  • Craft fulfilling careers and career paths balancing money, personal growth, family and society. 
  • Create sustainable processes and practices with self-improvement baked in
  • Establish a performance culture in line with the company's values which drives excellence in all aspects.
  • Strike the right balance between systems, people, process and scientific methods.
  • Become extremely proactive with ideas and implementing improvements. If it doesn’t cost money, it doesn’t need permission.
  • Develop Manager Coaches from the grassroots to create a habit of teaching and learning across the hierarchy.
  • Deliver against high standards under tight deadlines and to be flexible in shifting priorities according to business needs.
  • Handle unexpected shocks, develop resilience by taking the bull by its horns.
  • Become well known and respected in the HR community and among Partners all across India and globally through your own thought leadership.

If this resonates with you strongly, we’d love to learn more about you. Do share your successes, failures, fears, dreams and your thoughts on the HR role for this new decade.