In a world where HR systems promise a great employee experience and deliver a poor User Experience, Keka relentlessly delivered on its UX promise and our customers acknowledge it. We are the market-leading HR platform and Design has been our differentiator. We are scaling our design team and hence looking for a Senior UX Designer. The roles and responsibilities remain the same as in any other job description but the traits, which we look for - we are very specific. I am putting those thoughts below.

A Curious Mind

For a curious mind, there's nothing boring in this world. A table, a paper clip, a car, a stone, a bird, or a plain wall. Everything, whether animate or inanimate, has so much depth to them if your curious mind can explore. Design benefits extremely from such curious minds.

Understanding Problems to solve

An average designer starts designing a solution without the full context of the problem. A good designer is full of questions first and actual designs last. They are persistent until they are crystal clear about the problem and hence are able to produce great designs.

Wow Design

There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for (courtesy: Milton Glaser). Good designers pay attention to little details and no aspect of the design is too small or too insignificant. And they are relentless in their pursuit of perfection. They wake up every morning reimagining their past work and figuring how they could have made even better!


Typography is the most understated aspect of the current generation of UX Designers but the hard fact remains that 90% of UX Designs are textual information. A Good designer knows what combination of shades, contrast, sizes, spacing, and text decorations make the experience delightful. The design system at Keka already tackles this. But then perfection is never complete!


Every UX screen we create today is 90% information. A good design, therefore, whispers, talks, and hollers at the user's remotes just like a human and sets the tone of an application. Your ability to pick the right choice of verbs and adjectives dictates the quality of design. While we come from a different mother tongue, unfortunately for you and me, the business language we use is English and we expect you to be good there. Our product managers are here to help, but we expect that you are able to think and reason in English.

Strongly Analytical Skills

Contrary to the myth that Design is for right-brain creatives, UX Design requires strong analytical skills - the left brain thing!

Empathy and Intuition

I guess this is given and I don't have to explicitly call it out! Empathy, Intuition, and great Design can't live without each other. You get it :)

Design and UX Architecture

Ability to understand and create UX architecture, information architecture, build design systems for large systems (with thousands of UI interactions) is a must.

You see, we have quite a few expectations from a Senior UX designer! If it's too much to take, you are better off not applying. On the other hand, if this excites you, we would love to talk.


  • 3-7 years of experience of having worked in UX design
  • Strong understanding and experience working with Design systems and product design
  • Experience in B2B/SaaS Designs is required
  • Fun-loving