We are working on a SaaS platform for business and we’re looking for candidates who are gifted and super passionate about creating an outstanding user experience for thousands of users. If you love solving big problems with simple and elegant solutions, you will love working with us. To know more about us, please visit our website.


Traits we are looking for:


Creative thinker:


The candidate must be a creative thinker, problem solver driven to create and bring new ideas into the world. The right candidate should be able to come up with many alternatives and sketches to a problem.


Applications Not Brochures:


We are not looking for pretty brochure site designers. We are talking about product user experience which goes beyond pretty. The candidate should have a deep sense of intuition and role-playing ability to step into his customers’ minds and come up with interfaces that adapt to their workflow. The UI screens should drift from screen to screen as the user expects them to and make their life easier reducing the burden of useless clicks and actions.


A Great Sense of Design:


This is obvious. The candidate must have extensive theoretical and practical exposure to the core tenets of design. He/she must understand and appreciate the importance of layout, color, and typography in communicating visually.




Passionate UX designers constantly watch people do what they do and analyze why. They can’t help but redesign inefficient user interactions or processes that they come across in everyday life. It could be an interaction on the web, mobile device, a grocery store, architectural design or a simple bureaucratic workflow. Everything in this world is an interaction to be improved!


Ability to quickly learn a Subject Matter Area:


We are not looking for someone focused on a domain. We are rather looking for someone who is quick to learn any subject matter area, generate useful insights from user research and uncover hidden business goals by asking the right questions. This is crucial to a good user experience design.



Verbal & Visual Communication Skills:


The candidate must be able to clearly communicate his/her ideas and the research findings both verbally and even better visually. The candidate need not be an illustration artist, but he should be to sketch his ideas on a whiteboard and create clean, clear prototypes and wireframes.